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Our Process

The offers the following services for companies that are launching an ICO project and the investors who are considering the idea of investing in the blockchain startups.

Project Audit Upon The ICO Completion

The initial step of the project creation is the fundraising aspect required for product building and implementation of the business strategy proposed to investors. The ICOFinder team places equal importance on providing investors and general community with unbiased, independently researched information about the progress of the project at various stages rather than just at the beginning. This results in building a positive reputation and trust in the project, establishing relationships with partners and potentially raising additional funding as transparency and openness is established in the long term.

Projects that are running the ICO entail a somewhat different audit support compared to traditional businesses. A unique and specific approach is required since the business strategy (financial flows, product functions, business plan).

Our Specialist Audit Consists Of The Below Items:

  • - Financial analysis of the project
  • - Dynamics of product creation
  • - Project analysis in terms of market positioning
  • - Competitive analysis of the project
  • - Dynamics of payback and reaching profitability analysis
  • - Potential profit levels forecasting of the project
  • - Brand power analysis

The findings of the audit support are presented based on data disclosed by the project and collected via independent market research. The community is then provided with fully independent and reliable reporting on the progress of the project, supported by analytical and mathematical analysis.


The ICOFinder professional team runs a fully comprehensive analysis of the ICO project, searching for weaknesses that may hurt the chances of successfully raising investment, thus risking your initial investment. Our goal is to provide the most thorough and reliable report for each ICO project.

During the course of the ICO, it is possible to run into various shortcomings and disadvantages of a project. Identified by investors and the blockchain community, this may lead to a negative impact on the reputation and successful fundraising abilities of the founding project team as well as fail to satisfy investor expectations.

In order to avoid this, the ICO Finder Auditing process allows investors to obtain an objective opinion on the stability of the project by establishing potential limitations that may affect the implementation of the project tasks successfully. Additionally, the audit analyzes the project for shortcomings and provides potential recommendations on how to solve those issues where possible.

Rating & Review

ICOFinder experts further create Rating Reviews for each project to establish the level of investment attractiveness of the project. The aim is to demonstrate transparency via third party professional confirmation of each project’s reliability and potential outlook.

The ICO Finder Rating Review is analyzed similarly to the auditing process by identifying all the strengths and weaknesses of the project which allows assigning a rating of investment attractiveness based on the results.

The goal of the Rating Review is to provide investors with a reliable and transparent view of the commitment of project founders and their ability to fulfill their tasks and obligations. On the other hand, the rating review of the project has the ability to significantly assist the project in attracting users as it demonstrates the company and product from an independent analytical point of view.

Independent Opinion

Once a thorough analysis has been carried out on all of the above points, the investor is provided with a detailed report outlining the findings, potential risks and prospects for the startup project. Additionally, support in investment transaction is available upon request.

This report includes the analysis of the following areas:

  • - Financial and business model
  • - Sustainability and profitability
  • - The project development plan validity
  • - The competitive environment
  • - The competitive advantages of the ICO
  • - The dynamics of the market segments
  • - The project team
  • - MVP, product code or its fragment